San Nicasio Potato Chips

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San Nicasio chips are produced in limited editions for the Gourmet market. The San Nicasio pink bag stands out as a reference product for delicatessen stores, hotels, and prestigious restaurants.

Patatas Fritas San Nicasio exclusively uses potatoes of Spanish origin, non-transgenic, of the sour variety. This ensures optimum quality, a delicious palate and a crunchy texture, in line with the expectations of the most demanding and knowledgeable consumer.

They are essential in any home as an aperitif accompaniment, to snack between meals or to garnish a good meat. They are made with extra virgin olive oil from Subbética (one of the best in the country) and pink salt from the Himalayas. Their special packaging keeps them perfect until the last day.

If you like French fries, these are the tastiest and healthiest in the world. Such is their prestige that they have been winning the Gold Brussels Awards Monde Selection of Quality

Bags 150 grams

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