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The Frizzante Ennius Wineis a blue and young wine that, served very cold, will be your perfect companion on summer days. Its light bubbles and its refreshing flavor will relieve you from high temperatures.

It is a wine that is very fashionable. It is very popular and successful, because it is easy and appetizing to drink due to its delicious and sweet taste.

Frizzing wines also contain carbon dioxide like sparkling wines, but they differ from them in that it is obtained in a different way. While in sparkling wines it comes from fermentation in the bottle and a minimum of nine months of aging, in frizzante wines, they are obtained naturally with fermentation at low temperatures or it is added to it.

It is made with 100% Moscato grapes. The Must is partially fermented, stopping the alcoholic fermentation in the middle. In this way, an important part of the sugars are preserved and the amount of alcohol is much lower than in other wines. So, you can enjoy it without worries!

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Sweet tooth

The Ennius Blue Wine is a wine in which the ripe flavors of the grape predominate over others. A gourmand wine like this one is one that recalls the taste of a dark blackberry but not red.

It is a sweet wine, because the must is partially fermented, that is, its sugars cannot be completely transformed into alcohol. And that amount of sugars that are preserved is what provides that sweet taste in the mouth. A flavor so pleasant that it caresses your palate!

Who it's best for: Casual youngsters

This wine with such an attractive color is perfect for people like you, happy and spontaneous. And above all, for spirits who like to be the star of the party.

Without a doubt, with this sparkling blue wine, you will shine at parties and celebrations, becoming a perfect host. But beware! you will have to share the spotlight with this exclusive wine. Do not get jealous!

Where to take it: Anytime

As it is such an easy to drink wine, it is perfect for any occasion. It is a good companion for moments of leisure and fun with all your loved ones, but it is also ideal for moments when you need to relax. It is enormously pleasant to arrive home after a hard day's work, and take refuge in the privacy of your home with this perfect companion. Everything a luxury at your fingertips!

How to drink Frizzante Ennius Wine: Irresistible whim

It is made with Moscato grapes, which give it a very attractive sweet flavor, and for this reason it is very easy to pair with. Above all, it goes perfectly with desserts, but it can also be a good accompaniment to light meals, such as salads, pasta, appetizers, oily fish, and white meat.

In addition, due to its refreshing power, it is irresistible on long summer nights. And for this reason, we recommend that you serve it very cold, between 5º and 7º

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