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The Vinho Verde Gatão is produced from grapes of the Azal, Pedernã, Trajadura, Avesso and Loureiro varieties. The fact of using the typical varieties of the Vinhos Verdes region gives it a unique, fresh, balanced and aromatic profile, which easily conquers those who drink it a little all over the world.


View: it has a limpid appearance, citrus color, with slight gas evolution (bubbling).

Nose: reveals a young and fruity aroma.

Mouth: soft, delicate, fresh and fruity. It is a semi-dry wine.


Gatão is an aromatic, young and fresh wine. The temperature should make these attributes stand out, so the wine should be served between 8-10ºC


It combines well in all moments of relaxation: on the beach, with friends or alone with a book. It is an excellent aperitif, but it also accompanies fish, shellfish, salads, sushi or vegetarian dishes.

This wine has a low alcohol content and is lower in calories than most wines.

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