Gatao Rose

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  • View:Gatão Rosé is a fresh, bright and warm pink color with an almost orange tint.
  • Nose: A garden of fresh berries and rose petals on the nose.
  • Mouth: Young, fruity and delicate without being perfumey. Semi-dry, it has hints of wild berries, and a nice underlying minerality that adds substance to the smoothness.


VINEYARD: Vinhos Borges, a respected vineyard founded in 1884, that produces a wide variety of wines, all of which express and honor the climate and terrain of Portugal’s long-standing winemaking tradition.

GRAPES:not specified; probably a mixture of typical Portuguese varieties, such as Azal, Espadeiro, Loureiro, Pedernant and Vinhão.

AGEING: Six months in stainless steel tanks.

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PREPARATION: The charming cat on the bottle label is representative of the living nature of Gatão Rosé, a youthful and spring expression of the Vinho Verde region. Careful harvesting and attentive maceration lead to a clean, spirited wine.

PAIRING: Gatão Rosé complements tomato-based dishes and pizzas particularly well. It is possible to enjoy it with a classic spaghetti Bolognese with mushrooms, accompanied by garlic bread. Or, for vegetarians, try it alongside a tomato, herb, and cream pie with a crushed oatmeal crust as a case, with spinach salad on the side.


ALCOHOL: 10,5%

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