Superior quality Hojiblanca oil Castillo de Zahra Señorío de Molinet (500cc)

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The highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the brand “Sovereign of Molinet” It is our oil par excellence, it has the Certified Quality Seal granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Andalusia and is certified by the Protected Designation of Origin Poniente de Granada.

It is a type of cold extracted oil, at a temperature of approx. of 20º; when the olive is in a state of high maturation. The main variety of olive with which the EVOO CASTILLO DE ZAHRA«Señorío de Molinet» is made is the Hojiblanca. The demanding selection of the olive and its short process between its entry and its milling is what makes its quality unmistakable, having been the winner of numerous awards.

It is characterized by its ripe fruitiness, which on the nose has nuances that remind us of ripe fruit such as figs, tomatoes, and red apples. Its almost sweet and smooth flavor and its golden color are its main characteristics.

It is of limited production, so we do not have it throughout the year

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